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Perth Artificial Grass


Calvo Turf PTY LTD is providing its services with a remarkable and finest quality of the artificial turf. Synthetic turf is used to replace the natural grass. Artificial turf is installed in those areas especially the indoors where the cultivation of the natural grass is difficult and where the maintenance is not possible.

Perth Artificial Grass is used most often in stadiums and playgrounds but can also be found in other places as well. Artificial turf was first produced in 1960’s by the procedure that was similar to the carpet manufacturing. But later on, the technique was improved using the new designs and new chemical substances. The newer materials used in synthetic turf had been treated with the chemicals to make them less abrasive, and more resistant towards the ultraviolet rays. The first step is to blend all the chemical ingredients in a hopper. Dyes and pigments are added to give it a green color and to protect from the sunlight. After blending, we obtain a liquid mixture of constant consistency which is then fed into an extruder and came out as long strands or thin fibers. These strands are spun by a carding machine and forms loose ropes. These ropes are straightened and pulled in a yarn. The nylon yarn is then heated to get the desired shape. Now, these ropes get a shape of a carpet after being exercised in a tufting machine. The artificial turf is then shifted to the wholesaler.

The most attractive feature of artificial turf is that it requires no trimming and spraying of chemical insecticides. The base of installation is either concrete or compacted soil. For the outdoor installations, the drainage system is installed to drain the rain water. Calvo turf PTY LTD have made various variations and advancements in the new techniques to make their products convenient both biological (no health hazards) and economical.

The increased popularity of the artificial turfs has also increased the demand and hence the quality assurance requirements. Calvo Turf PTY LTD follows all the guidelines and SOP’s that are being given in the list of American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) to ensure you the best quality and reliability of the products. According to ASTM there are several tests that are being performed before shipping. The tests includes the fabric strength test, force test, abrasion measurement test and the list goes on. If any of the test fails the product is discarded.

Our remarkable quality of products and new design ensuresto make your backyards and play areas more attractive.