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Calvo Turf PTY LTD is one of the major installers and suppliers of the artificial and synthetic grass. The services provided by the Calvo Turf PTY LTD is remarkable as we ensure to provide our customers the best quality services.
ARTIFICIAL GRASS: Artificial Turf was first developed by the Chemstrand late in 1960’s. Artificial grass needs no fertilizers and insecticides. Artificial grass absorbs heat thus increasing an air conditioning effect. Artificial grass is created in the same manner as the carpet industry. It is made up of three main components.

1. Backing material
2. Plastic blades
3. The infill, tiny black crumbs

Various pigments are used to give the grass a desired green color, and for white lines, the metals used are titanium and lead.

SYNTHETIC GRASS: Synthetic grass is preferred over natural grass because of its easy maintenance and long-lasting nature. Synthetic grass is used in all weather conditions. The padded surface increases its physical appearance and playability because of fewer chances of injuries. Synthetic grass is an alternative to natural grass where the natural grass cultivation is a difficult task usually the indoors.

SYNTHETIC TURF: Synthetic Turf is the leading artificial grass used for residential and commercial areas. Synthetic Turf is made including the drainage layer, multi-layered backing system and grass blades that are infilled with a filler. Infilled means man-made. Soft polyethylene is used in the strings based that makes a compatible surface for the sports. It is widely used for landscapes, golf, and residential applications.

ARTIFICIAL TURF: Artificial turf is installed in those areas where the natural cultivation of grass is not possible or in areas where the maintenance is difficult. Mostly artificial turf is used in the landscapes, courtyards and the play areas such as golf, soccer, and rugby. The synthetic artificial fibers are used to make the artificial turf. These fibers are then bound with adhesives such as polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride.

FAKE GRASS: Fake grass is the artificial grass, synthetic grass, or the synthetic turf that is made with the synthetic fibers that look just like the natural grass in appearance. The widely increasing use of fake grass is because of its low maintenance and no use of insecticides and pesticides.

Calvo Turf PTY LTD provides you all these services to satisfy your needs and deal with all kinds of artificial and fake grasses for the residential lawns, landscapes or the sports grounds.